Wood Fire Safety


In addition to our ability to work with a variety of construction materials, we have developed an extensive fire engineering and code experience on wood buildings. As an advisory consultant to the BC government in 2008 and 2011, we provided a comprehensive fire risk analysis to permit mid-rise wood buildings of Group C and D occupancies. We were also part of the APEGBC consortium that developed the APEGBC “Technical and Practice Bulletin” on 5 and 6 storey wood buildings Recently, we completed several mid-rise wood buildings, including the Earth Sciences Building at UBC and Library Square project in Kamloops. Our active involvement with the CLT Handbook, CSA O86 task group, NEWBuildS and NSERC’s research network on innovative wood products makes GHL a leader in wood fire engineering. We have been applying our expertise to small and mid-size wood-frame projects, existing heavy timber buildings and modern large engineered wood structures.