Building Code


GHL’s practice focuses on Part 3 – Fire Protection, Occupant Safety and Accessibility and Part 9 – Housing and Small Buildings, as well as related Fire Safety Codes, including the International Building Code (US) and the NFPA Codes. We provide services with respect to interpreting and understanding building products for compliance with fire test standards, such as the UL, ULC, CSA and ASTM Standards. We also work with structural, mechanical and electrical engineers in providing consulting services on other parts of the Building Code.


  • Building Code Compliance Reviews
  • Building Code Research
  • Building Code Alternative Solutions (formerly Equivalencies)
  • Air Space Parcel Subdivision Building Code Programs
  • Pre-purchase (Due Diligence) review
  • Building Permit Processing Assistance
  • Building Code Appeals Preparation
  • Fire Performance Analysis for Archaic / Existing Construction
  • Building Design (Provisions) for Persons with Disabilities
  • Stair Safety / Ergonomics