GHL recognizes that its success is built on the teamwork of talented fire engineers and building code professionals.  To help foster future talents in the field of fire engineering, we are pleased to sponsor the GHL 4th Year Fire Safety Award at the University of Waterloo to a student each year.  It is our hope that our cause will further the fire engineering and building code consulting community in Canada.

Professional Involvements

In addition to the Award contribution, GHL staff also actively participates in numerous committees and scientific research initiatives in the field of fire engineering and building code consulting, including:

  • Codes Canada (NRC) Standing Committee on Fire Protection
  • EGBC Building Code Committee
  • CSA O86 “Engineering Design in Wood” – Fire Resistance Task Group
  • Building Code Appeal Board of BC
  • City of Vancouver Building Board of Appeal
  • AIBC Regulatory Coordination Committee
  • CP Committee
  • UDI Building Codes Committee
  • Technical BC, Elevating Devices Technical Advisory Committee
  • NEWBuildS
  • Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE) BC Chapter